Modular Kitchen Plywood

IS:710 16 mm Plywood For Modular Kitchen

Prince Modular Kitchen Plywood

16 mm Plywood
(Marine Grade) IS: 710

Prince 16 mm Marine grade plywood is manufactured with waterproof synthetic PF resin, which shows the excellent waterproof properties. Made with utmost care using wider core and panel, Prince 16mm marine grade plywood is 100% calibrated and treated against termites, borer and other microorganisms.

It can be very confidently used to make kitchen cabinets and other furniture in high moisture and water prone areas.

16 mm Plywood (BWR Grade) IS: 303

16 mm plywood is fully calibrated plywood with a balanced construction and it is manufactured with extra care so it is ideal for precision usage. It has a thicker face veneer, wider core and panel to ensure strong bonding. The adhesive used is as per IS 848 and the product is as per IS 303 BWR grade. Preservative treatment as per IS 5539 and tested as per IS 1734. A smooth and clean surface makes it a perfect solution for laminate or paint application. It is warp free due to the full core, veneer usage and has a good screw holding capacity hence making it last longer. All the features make it perfect for the use in modular kitchen woodworking.