Marine Plywood

IS:710 Marine Ply

Prince Plywood Marine Ply IS 710

Prince CLUB CLASS (Marine Grade) IS:710

Prince CLUB CLASS is a premium genuine marine-grade plywood. It is manufactured with a single wood veneer that is Gurjan wood as per the specifications of marine grade plywood and it confirms the IS: 710. Treated log of Gurjan wood is peeled with the hydraulic peeling machine and then conditioned Gurjan veneers are bonded in hot press with high solid content and waterproof PF resin.

The advantage of perfectly finished Prince CLUB CLASS is that it is treated against termite and borer at different stages of its production to minimize the chances of termite and other microorganism attacks.

  • 101% Gurjan wood inside
  • Waterproof plywood
  • High-Density
  • Borer proof
  • Termite resistant
  • Long life plywood
  • Perfect for exterior application

Prince’s brand provides a variety of options to its customers so that they can pick the best as per their requirements. Prince Platinum is manufactured with Gurjan wood whereas Prince Diamond is
manufactured with Red Gumwood.

Prince Platinum Marine Grade IS: 710 (BWP)

Prince Platinum is a marine-grade plywood, manufactured by using hardwood Gurjan. Its PF resin bonded under high temperature & pressure to keep the bonding intact even after more than 72 hours of boiling. The assembly of core and panels is done in such a way that the product has no gaps inside. Thus the plywood has a strong screw holding capability which makes it most suitable for any kind of woodwork.

Prince Diamond Marine Grade IS: 710 (BWP)

Prince Diamond is a marine-grade plywood, manufactured with Red Gum Timber. It can be used in the construction of boats, docks, etc, especially in a high moisture-prone areas. Prince Diamond Marine Grade is manufactured with well-selected pieces of full core, panel and thick face veneers under the continuous supervision of technical experts. The finished plywood is futher on subjected to proper chemical treatment with water-soluble fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood-destroying organisms.


  • Highly durable in salty water, high moisture & hot climatic conditions
  • Highly density in comparison with other grade plywood
  • Resistant to warping and cracking
  • High screw holding capacity
  • High load-bearing strength

Technical Specifications IS:710

TESTISI RequirementObserved Value
1Moisture Content5 % - 15%8%
2Glue Sheer Strength
(Dry State)
Min. Ind. 1100 N
Min. Avg 1350 N
1350 N
1500 N
3Adhesion to pliesMinimum Pass StandardExcellent
4Glue Sheer Strength
(After 72 hrs. Boiling)
Min. Ind. 800 N
Min. Avg 1000 N
1150 N
1250 N
5Tensile Strength
Along the grain-4200 N / Sq. mm5500 N / Sq. mm
Across the grain-2500 N /Sq. mm3950 N / Sq. mm
Sum of Tensile strength-8450 N / Sq. mm9400 N / Sq. mm
6Static Bending Strength
aModulus of Rupture
-Along the grain50 N / Sq. mm65 N / Sq. mm
-Across the grain30 N / Sq. mm40 N / Sq. mm
bModulus of Elasticity
-Along the grain7500 N / Sq. mm8305 N / Sq. mm
-Across the grain4000 N / Sq. mm4170 N/Sq. mm