Densified Film Face Shuttering Ply

IS:4990 Densified Film Face Shuttering Ply

Prince Plywood Densified Film Faced Shuttering Ply IS 4990

Prince film faced shuttering plywood is manufactured from veneers of well-selected and strong hardwoods. It is bonded with high-quality liquid phenol-formaldehyde synthetic resins manufactured at resin plant confirming to IS.848:1974 pressed with thermal setting hot press and treated with special quality preservatives. This unique process makes it ideally suitable for nailing, screw holding, heat resistance and hardness property to bear the toughest conditions. This product has a strong load-bearing capacity, which prevents swelling during shuttering works. It is manufactured as per the guidelines of IS: 4990 – 1993.


  • With a sturdy body, It handles a load of concrete quite well
  • Gives the maximum number of repetitions
  • This plywood withstands the corrosive action of cement, water, sunlight, and other external conditions
  • It is easy to maintain. With simple cleaning, drying & storing, it gets ready for the next session

Available in 30kg, 34kg, 36kg, 38kg and higher weights as per requirement.

Advantages of Using Prince Shuttering Ply:

  • It gives a number of repetitions
  • It providesa smooth surface to concrete formwork
  • It is economical in ratio to its number of uses
  • It can be used in making furniture after the complete use of shuttering

Tips to Get The Maximum Use of Prince Shuttering Ply:

  • Do not drag or drop from a height
  • Stack on a flat surface
  • Clean both side surfaces after use
  • Apply mold oil after 3-4 uses
  • Use sealant on cut edges
  • Use a minimum of nails
  • Use putty in the nail holes

Technical Specifications IS:4990

TESTISI RequirementObserved Value
1Moisture Content5% - 15%8%
2Glue Sheer StrengthMin. Ind. 1100 N1310 N
(Dry State)Min. Avg. 1350 N1520 N
Adhesion to PliesMinimum Pass StandardExcellent
3Glue Sheer StrengthMin. Ind. 800 N1060 N
(After 72 Hrs Boiling)Min. Avg. 1000 N1250 N
Adhesion to PliesMinimum Pass StandardExcellent
4Mycological TestNo Sign of SeparationNo Separation
Glue Sheer StrengthMin. Ind. 800 N1060 N
Min. Avg. 1000 N1250 N
5Tensile Strength
Along the Grain -32.5 N / sq. mm46.5 N / sq. mm
Across the Grain - 22.5 N / sq. mm32.2 N / sq. mm
Sum of the Tensile Strength60.0 N / sq. mm84.7 N / sq. mm
6Static Bending Strength
Modulus of Elasticity
Along the Grain -8000 N / sq. mm9100 N / sq. mm
Across the Grain -4000 N / sq. mm4320 N / sq. mm