Block Board

IS: 1659 Block Board

Prince Plywood Block Board

Prince Block Board IS: 1659 (Double Core)

Prince Block Boards are available in a moisture resistant & boiling waterproof grade, bonded with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde & Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin respectively. It is a premium quality board with high resistant properties against borer and termite attacks, Face Veneer, Core veneer & wooden battens are well graded for their quality by supervisors. The wooden battens are thoroughly seasoned in scientifically run seasoning kiln plants to control and equalize moisture in battens to get better bonding.

Battens are systematically arranged with the support of frames and utmost care is taken to avoid any extra gap between the battens. Regular tests are conducted in the modern laboratory to maintain the quality of block boards as per ISI standards.

IS: 1659 Block Board

Reason to Choose Prince Block Board:

  • Bonded with high solid content resin
  • Wide core & panel
  • Wide battens frames for high screw holding capacity
  • Thick face used for a better finish
  • No warping humid conditions
  • Dimensionally stable for architectural work

Technical Specifications IS:1659

TESTISI RequirementObserved Value
1Dimensional changes caused by Humidity
aChanges, mm
From 65% RH to 90% RH+ 1mm Max.+ 0.50 mm
From 65% RH to 40% RH- 1mm Max.- 0.55 mm
bLocal Planeness< 1/150< 1/175
cAt the extreme range of HumidityNo De-lamination at the extreme range of HumidityNo De-lamination observed
2Adhesion of the PliesMinimum Pass StandardExcellent
3Resistance to Water
(72 Hours Boiling)
No De-lamination after 72 hours boilingNo De-lamination
4Resistance to Micro OrganismsNo appreciable sign of separation at EdgesNo separation at Edges
5Modulus of ElasticityMin. 5000 N / sq. mm6050 N / sq. mm
6Modulus of RuptureMin. 50 N / sq. mm61 N / sq. mm