Boundaries are often created by our own thoughts when one is truly dedicated the growth becomes boundless. Prince Decoratives portrays such an example. Over the years dedicated workforce at Prince gives its best to ensure the products have superior quality. Serving the plywood trade over the last two decades, it is one of the at par plywood and allied product Distribution Company in India. To ensure the consistent quality company established a state-of-art plant for Plywood and Laminate, which matches the company vision in creating its own trend, giving its clients something different i.e. always reliable and superior in quality.


We are supported by a team of experts who expend great efforts in terms of better quality and service. All the team members have understanding, expertise, and experience about the product & applications. The team comprises of production managers, quality control analysts, supervisors, and other skilled workmen. These teams are further complemented by procurements specialists, logistics and transportation personnel, warehouse managers, sales and marketing representatives, inventory managers and other loading and unloading professionals.