Plywood IS:303

Prince General Purpose Plywood IS: 303

Prince General Purpose plywood is available in a variety of hard wood material like Gurjan, Red Gum Alternate (Re Gum Poplar).

Prince Platinum IS:303:

It is a premium grade general purpose plywood manufactured with Gurjan wood and bonded with MUF resin. It is available in MR grade and confirm the IS: 303 standards

Prince Gold IS: 303 (Alternate), MR Grade :

Prince Gold is MR grade plywood manufactured with Poplar wood panel and hard wood Red Gum core. MUF resin is used to manufacture the Prince Gold ply, which makes it tough in high moisture prone areas. It is economical solution for those who want to buy better quality interior grade plywood. Since it is manufactured with MUF resin and plantation timber so it is more environment friendly thus suits your interiors.

  • Advantages of Prince Gold ply :

  • Chemically treated against wood destroying organism.
  • Lab tested as per BIS specifications.
  • Nature friendly.
  • Super smooth surface.
  • No warping.

Prince Premium IS:303 (Red Gum), MR:

15 ply construction in 19 mm: Prince Premium is manufactured with plantation timber Red Gum, which is known for its density and strength. Red Gum has similar properties like Gurjan and the product made with Red Gum core is a good replacement of Gurjan wood panels. Prince premium is manufactured with utmost care by using MUF resin and it is completely treated with anti termite borer chemical. Sanding with wide belt sander make its surface smooth and calibrated.

Advantages of Prince Premium ply :

Manufactured with hard wood plantation timber Highly stable in severe moisture condition High internal strength

Prince Ultra IS:303 MR Grade (Hard Wood, MR) :

Made with quality plantation hard wood timber and loaded with strength, durability and reliability, Prince Ultra manufactured by using of UF synthetic resin and expert supervision at various stages to ensure quality.

The hydraulically peeled off fresh logs with precise thickness and smoothness, are press-dried for flatness bringing down the moisture level of veneers up to 7%. Melamine fortified Urea Formaldehyde Resin provides moisture resistant bond,
while special chemical treatment guards it against attacks of borer, termite and fungus.

Technical Specification

16 mm Plywood IS:710

16 mm Plywood (Marine Grade), IS:710

16 Mm Plywood (Marine grade): Prince 16 mm Marine grade plywood is manufactured with water proof synthetic PF resin, which shows the excellent water proof properties. Made with utmost care using wider core and panel, Prince 16mm marine grade plywood is 100% calibrated and treated against termites, borer and other micro organisms.

It can used very confidently to make kitchen cabinets and other furniture at high moisture and water prone areas.

16 mm Plywood (BWR Grade), IS:303:

16 mm plywood is fully calibrated plywood with a balanced construction and it is manufactured with extra care so it is ideal for precision usage. It has thicker face veneer and wider core and panel to ensure the strong bonding.

The adhesive used are as per IS 848 and the product is as per IS 303 BWR grade. Preservative treatment as per IS 5539 and tested as per IS 1734. A smooth and clean surface makes it a perfect solution for laminate or paint application. It is wrap free due to full core and veneer usage and has a good screw holding capacity hence making it last longer. All the features make it perfect for the use in modular kitchen wood working.

Marine Plywood IS:710

Prince brand provides a variety of options to its customers so that they can pick the best as per their requirements. Prince Platinum is manufactured with Gurjan wood where as Prince Diamond is manufactured with Red Gam wood.

Prince Platinum Marine IS: 710 (Marine Grade)-(Gurjan-BWP):

Prince Platinum is a marine grade plywood, manufactured by using hard wood Gurjan. It is PF resin bonded under high temperature & pressure to keep the bonding intact even more than 72 hours of boiling. The assembly of core and panels is done in such a way that the product does not have any gap inside. Thus the plywood has strong screw holding capability which makes it most suitable for any kind of woodwork.

  • Salient Features:

  • Manufactured with 100% Hard wood
  • No core or panel gap
  • High density
  • Completely treated against termite and borer
  • Calibrated with wide belt sander


Manufactured with 100% hard wood No core or panel gap Higher density than other brands Completely treated against termite and borer Calibrated with wide belt sander

Prince Diamond Marine Grade IS: 303 (BWR):

Prince Diamond is a marine grade plywood, manufactured with Red Gam Timber. It can be used in construction of boats, docks etc, especially in high moisture prone areas. Prince Diamond is manufactured with well selected pieces of full core, panel and thick face veneers under the continuous supervision of technical experts. Further, the finished plywood is subjected to proper chemical treatment with water-soluble fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood destroying organism.


Highly durable in salty water, high moisture & hot climatic coude terms Highly density in comparison with other grade plywood Resistant to warping and cracking High screw holding capacity High load bearing strength

Technical Specification