Prince Doors IS:2202 (Double Core 100% pine wood):

Prince BWP flush door is a durable product and known for its excellent quality, exceptional finish and unique dimensional stability. It is made of selected hardwood frames for high nail holding capacity. Prince flush doors have lock rails on both sides of the frame.

The frame and battens used in the flush doors are well treated and assembled in such a way that there is no gap in given between the battens and frames. An extra coating of PF resin has been given on the assembled flush door to get more bonding strength between core and battens. When tested according to IS: 2202 (I) specifications all the flush doors surpassed ISI standards.

  • Reasons to choose Prince Door :

  • Manufactured with Xpress technology
        for higher bonding
  • Free from corrugation and roughness
  • High screw holding capacity
  • High shock resistance.
  • Boiling water proof
  • Smooth surface
  • Lab tested and eco friendly
  • Zero gap and zero bending
  • Speciality of Prince Door

  • All Prince Doors are manufactured with unique strength booster Xpress Technology.
  • Prince doors are manufactured with selected and high quality hard wood timber.
  • Timbers used to manufacture Prince Doors are treated with anti termite borer chemical before sawing.
  • Frames and battens are seasoned in advance seasoning chamber for equalize the moisture content.
  • All the frames and battens are cut through ripsaw machine and planer for equal size and thickness.
  • The width of battens and frames are wider as per the specification of BIS.
  • Extra lock rail is provided for the convenience of handle and lock fittings.
  • Special care is taken during the assembly of battens to avoid any gap inside the door.
  • High solid content water proof PF Resin is used for high strength.
  • Prince doors are pressed with Gurjan face and wider core in India's best hydraulic press.
Technical Specification